The up-to-date content is one of the most important component of the internet sides. The success of a portal and his efficiency depend on the simplicity of refreshing the internet side on a large scale. Only a certain one did not dare because of that generally text, or it is possible to charge a picture, but because of that, because CweCMS is a system simply and obviously useful, the big average though only IT for specialists can be acquired. System like this for example the nowadays so much trendy, free Joomla like that and WordPress. Let a misunderstanding not fall, we do not claim it, that Joomla, you are WordPress not a system developed perfectly, but with plain application knowledge quasi absurdity to refresh the sides being based on this background engine continuously. Because of that developed the CweCMS-t, because he tunes each single administrative system to the task and the side, a portal perfectly and not the clone of a system turning up already.

Insures a proper freedom and for a word processor user at who practice is under minutes can be acquired.

The system makes the plain, on-line communication which can be handled easily possible. The content of the side through internet can be refreshed the world any, from the computer of internet installed with an any kind of operating system at which a contact is, this does not demand the setup of separate software. The administrative surface the today from browsers in a usage available and his treatment does not demand additional information technology knowledge.

Plain, user-friendly surface

The background system provided because of the diversity of informations, as the solution appearing on the internet sides has to offer an answer for many problems. It is not all the same however that the more complex solutions are understandable for the proprietors of the portal. It the usage of CweCMS universal, uniform surface self-evident, efficient and easily can be acquired.

Multi-purpose editor surface

The basis of the Internet appearance the HTML standard, without the knowledge of which we may not do even plain text formatting on an internet side,. If WYSIWYG got acclimatized to the most popular word processors (you receive what you see) type surface we use it, the structural opportunity cut to fit internet which can be handled simply without the knowledge of the standards gets hold of us, with so many extras. We may be making a copy from a content promptly from our favourite word processor even moreover in into the sides. The shaping applied in the word processor on the prepared side "megmarad".Ugyan this concerns the representation of the tables prepared in the table handlers.

The treatment of a big data quantity, in big mass

An internet many entries may be born in the course of the life of the side on a side, these may arrive from more sources. These his overview you are the tracing of an older substance however quasi impossible, if a suitable appliance does not stand for a provision. CweCMS into a system incorporable search one and sorting opportunity following some mouse clicks even more-a hundredezres from data mass capable immediately our claims suitable detaching to prepare.


There are not two alike claims, because of this important, that we use the suitable devices for the different representations. The modular one, can be practised scale and we offer a traceable and bugdet solution which can be reviewed with a system which can be customized, for our clients. Our modules being available (content treatment, form elements, visitor's book, gallery stb.) according to pleasure can be added with the very diverse module being equal to the claims.

CweCMS becomes suitable one so system onto the satisfaction of all of the claims.

- firms ,

- non-profit organisations ,

- onto the Internet representation of public institutions.