The Internet environment insures wide space onto the salesman's and the customer's cooperation:

the communication between the tracing of the merchandise or the customer, the salesman and the customer, the transaction of electronic payment stb.

Our Suns the increasingly bigger part of the products will be worthier in web department stores to bribe, with what these the salesmen, all of them all have certain advantages for the customers:

Benefits on the customer side:

  • - time savings bank product search, the basis of which, that in 24 of the clocks of the day accessible the informations;
  • - bigger selections of goods;
  • - several soft merchandises cannot be obtained somewhere else, only in web department stores, what means it at the same time, that we obtain the merchandise promptly in case of Internet payment;
  • - we may obtain the desired product from any countries of the world;
  • - the necessary equipment eligible (compilation according to an order); the customer may select the suitable configuration (from the offered supply), and may find it out, how much will cost;
  • - there is an opportunity onto ordering products for which it is prepared now only yet the forgalombahozatal├ít;
  • - there is an opportunity for the prices of more manufacturers his comparison;

Benefits his salesmen on a side:

  • - there is an opportunity onto the more elastic planning of the supplies (the customer's orders arrive
  • - reducible the expenses of the room tenancy, the advertisement and the order sending;
  • - through the internet users expandable the trading's range;
  • - independent representation on the internet the reduction of the mediators' number.

The electronic commerce not incorporates the operations of the shopping selling in himself merely, but insures the formation of a so closed chain (ld. the figure), in which are included the elements of the rising of the demand for the product, the dissemination, and the automation of the services following the realization and the cooperation between the partners.

The time showed it, that the traditional shops have a number benefit in the future. It is possible to compare the situation to the enormous upswing that followed the opening of the first railway system. A number company got ruined they, that they thought that the railroad displaces it in a second the rest of the traffic device, what did not mean that the idea of the railway transport would have been non-viable altogether however. The similarity consists in many superb technical inventions being idealized initially and they roar for an effective panacea against all trouble who. The most efficient device of the internet for the product promotion, the development of the logistic system, the order fulfilment continuous observing. At the same time that statement, that a web page may replace the shop where we may look at the merchandise, we may touch it, we may try it on, does not hold out simply. Obvious but, that a most wide circle of the standard products that do not require a trial exists already today and that easier on the net to obtain. For example, if CD-ROM-you are ot a book would like to be bought, burns generally to listen in to it or to look into it, what may be done online likewise. The range of the merchandises which can be obtained in the electronic department stores expands gradually, And between these products increasingly often can be found computers, household appliances, furnitures stb. doubtless it is, that the range of these merchandises will expand.